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This time, it may be okay to involve some physical aspect into your date.But before doing that, try to establish that you are on the same level.When people arrange a second date confidence levels should be high because you have already established a mutual attraction and interest level so don't forget that he/she has already indicated they like you a lot. You got over the first major hurdle but now she or he will be paying particular attention to seek confirmation about certain assumptions they have already made.The first date may have been short and sweet but the desire is high on both sides and so it is now that you need to develop the situation into something more concrete. If you presented a false image first time round you will get caught out now.You should be talking regularly on the phone too, don’t just text or send messages on apps.It is not a good idea to bombard your date with your life story and don’t talk too much about you or your work and whatever you do, don’t try to sell yourself.You need to be yourself and not over think things too much about what you are doing right or wrong.If you are going straight from work, make sure you get changed and have a fresh look and feel comfortable and look your best.

If food is needed try having a brunch or an afternoon tea, as that is less formal and you can have fun trying something different, even a hot drink and sharing a cake is very romantic!Bowling is a great way to engage and be a bit a big kid at any age.Communicating before the date and building a foundation of trust, fun and comfort so you know more about your date is essential.You need human contact and interaction with your love-interest.I therefore recommend you establish if possible a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime to meet so that you can combine a coffee or light lunch with a walk in the park or on the beach, maybe throw a ball about or go to a sporting occasion. A second date is too early for theater or movies because you must communicate a lot at this stage.If you told lies, you will have to be extremely careful about what you say. If we establish that you weren't creating a facade on the first date and were being yourself then the second date is to establish more of the same but on a grander scale with more detail.


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