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The track combines the infectious energy of the No Doubt guys mixed with Havok’s passionate vocals for a hyper, 80’s influenced song.Fans of Havok’s other project, Blaqk Audio, will most likely enjoy the new track. Speaking about the song in a new interview, Dumont said “I think the musical common ground that we share with Davey is very much rooted in that early '80s, new wave, new romantic era that was such a part of us all growing up so it felt like very quickly we had a chemistry.“Influences are different, musical interests have slightly or vastly shifted.As a writer, I’ve moved fully onto [software music sequencer] Ableton Live since the last album, which changes my workflow and writing style.” “‘Anointed’ highlights themes of misplaced hopes of salvation, redemption and rebirth that carry through the record,” explains Havok., back in January, and in a recent sit down with NME, frontman Davey Havok talks more about the way media has portrayed them as a band, the way they’ve maintained their close relationship with their fans, and even more, about the lack of misconceptions—but the massive amounts of mistruths—they have faced over the years.“I don’t know if there is a singular misconception about us.Dreamcar, the collaboration featuring AFI’s Davey Havok and Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young of No Doubt, is officially here!The group dropped their debut single, “Kill for Candy,” today (Mar. The song comes from their debut self-titled album, due out May 12 via Columbia Records.

“It’s such a great feeling to be able to reach people and have that profound an impact on them where they’re moved to either simply come see us or get our imagery of my lyrics tattooed on them or create, paint or form bands based on some kind of inspiration from us.” And in regards to the rumors that have been spread throughout the years? “There have been rumors about me for many, many years,” Havok says.It was just four guys being creative and not knowing where it was going to lead us but we kept doing it because it was fun.” The group will make their live debut in Santa Ana at the Constellation Room on Apr.5 followed by an intimate performance at The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood on Apr. The shows are warm ups for their performance at Coachella, which the band will play on April 15 and 22.The most recent AFI album, ‘Crash Love,’ was released back in 2009, and since AFI has constantly been releasing new material since their ‘Dork’ EP in 1993, fans may be wondering what exactly Havok has been up to since AFI’s 2009 record.In addition to his side project Blaqk Audio, the apparent answer is ‘Pop Kids,’ which has been given an April 4 release date by Black Candy Publishing.In an oddly morbid but still light-hearted chat, Havok tells us that — pending his own death (and maybe not even then) — AFI will probably be around for as long as The Rolling Stones.


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