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I often wonder what dating and marriage experiences would be more enjoyable: those of Millennials, or of older generations?Many argue it’s so much better now because we are liberated!The ruling does require that any data deemed to be too personally intrusive, such as the street addresses of the license applicants, must be removed before making the data public. Reclaim The Records had requested a copy of the data in December 2015 through the New York State Freedom of Information Law (FOIL).The City Clerk's Office refused to comply with their request and a lawsuit was initiated in March 2016.

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The data is in the public domain, no strings attached.

It was her mother who made her accept a date with her future husband.

Her best friend had fallen hard for this tall, handsome lifeguard, Robert, but Robert kept calling Alice.

The NYC Department of Personnel began a partnership registry for city employees in August 1988, and the City Clerk's Office began a formal registry for the public in January 1993. Yes, in most states, basic marriage license "log" or index data is public information, even if the actual certificates or licenses may have strict privacy rules under the state's vital records laws.

(More details.) The program was not discontinued even after the statewide legalization of same-sex marriage in June 2011. In New York, this was upheld in a New York State Freedom of Information case from 1993, formally . This data was provided to the not-for-profit activist group Reclaim The Records by the New York City Clerk's Office.


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