Updating itunes run or save

If you’re salivating at the prospect of interactive notifications on the lock screen, all those new messaging goodies, or anything else that i OS 10 is going to bring to Apple’s mobile platform, then you’ll want to try it out as soon as possible — and now you can.

While Apple has officially released i OS 10 and i OS 10.0.1, later versions of the operating system are, or will be, in beta.

Disable Unused Services Apple assumes you own an i Pod, Apple TV, i Phone, and other Apple products.

Make a new backup of your i Tunes library, or update your existing backup before you move it.

You may decide a taste of the exciting new features is worth it, but we strongly advise against installing the i OS 10 beta on any device you rely on.

See: * *browser.download.When Done Hi there, I've tried what Cor-el suggested but it does not work.

I disabled AVG protection temporarily but still the downloads list just appears to be dead. As it looks like the antivirus is not the problem... Hi there, I've tried what Cor-el suggested but it does not work.

Try to disable the real-time (live) scanning of files in your anti-virus software temporarily to see if that makes downloading work.

See: It is possible that anti-virus software is corrupting downloaded files or is otherwise interfering with downloading files.


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